Canadyne Oil Spill Response Services

Canadyne offers a full range of services related to the oil spill response industry.

Emergency Response Planning

  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Developing Customized Emergency Response Plans
  • Testing and Auditing Plans
  • Revising Plans
  • Geographic Response Point/Control Point 
    • Evaluation
    • Selection
    • Documentation

Emergency Preparedness Training

  • Needs analysis
  • Course Design and Program Development
  • Scenario Development
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Incident Command System
  • Field Instruction
  • Specialists in:   
    -   Inland & Coastal Fast Water Response
    -   Helicopter Deployment
    -   Winter Response (Ice) Techniques

Emergency Preparedness Exercises

  • Tabletop exercises – With or Without “Truth Unit”
  • Incident Command Team – Emergency Operations Centre Procedures
  • Field Response Team Drills
  • Dry Land Equipment Deployment Drills
  • Response Equipment On-Water Deployment Drills
  • Joint Emergency Operations Centre/Field Deployment Exercises

Response Equipment

  • Evaluation & Field Testing
  • Recommendations

Response Assistance

  • Participation as a Member of your Incident Response Team

IMO Level Oil Spill Response Training

We offer “standard” training packages, or we can tailor to specific client requirements.  All of our training is designed to assist our clients in determining and maintaining their equipment and logistics requirements to ensure readiness in the event of an emergency situation.

Through our industry partners, we can also now offer IMO (International Maritime Organization) level courses which are now endorsed by both IMO and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Please contact us for further details.