Boom Reels



  • Heavy duty, corrosion resistant welded marine grade aluminum construction
  • Solid end flanges and emergency bypass valve for safe operation
  • Can be driven with Canadyne PowerPacks, or off available hydraulic supply
  • Speed and direction controls can be mounted on the reel, or on the power source
  • Simple, reliable hydraulic connections with brass quick connects

Canadyne BoomReels

Canadyne BoomReels are used for the storage and deployment of Canadyne FenceBoom or Canadyne AirBoom (MP, SC, SCS, SP). The reels are available in many sizes to accommodate various quantities and sizes of boom. Standard reels are hydraulic driven, and come with forklift pockets and lifting eyes for easy and convenient positioning on docks, vessels, trailers, or at the spill site.

Manual reel systems also available