Containment Booms

Permanent Booms




  • Heavy duty boom membrane, minimal maintenance requirements
  • Rotary molded, foam filled heavy duty boom floats
  • Accessories include tidal compensators, and dock seal systems
  • Corrosion resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors
  • Custom sizes and optional ballast (lead or chain) available






Canadyne PermaBoom

Boom Type: Fence, Solid Floatation (Permanent)

Recommended Conditions: Marine Terminals, Refineries, Ports, Power plants

PermaBoom HD features a vertical membrane constructed of heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester belting.  This membrane serves as both the draft and freeboard of the boom, preventing the passage of floating pollutants and debris.

Attached to either side of the membrane are solid floats that provide buoyancy to the boom.  Floats are constructed of one-piece rotational molded polyethylene and offer a high degree of buoyancy, stability and durability.  Foam filling of the floats offers added insurance against loss of buoyancy should floats become damaged due to impact.

Boom is designed for continuous, long-term use, and is of rugged construction, complete with UV and marine growth inhibitors.