Oil Skimmers

WeirSkimmers (PEDCO)

Canadyne WeirSkimmers - PEDCO

Canadyne offers a comprehensive range of oil recovery skimmers for a wide variety of conditions and oil types.

The Canadyne Pedco Skimmer is a simple yet effective weir-type skimmer.  Low cost, zero maintenance and adaptability to a wide range of spill conditions make this one of the most popular skimmers available.

  • Weir automatically adjusts to match pumping speed. Slow speed for thin slicks, fast speed for thick slicks
  • Rugged, all aluminum construction
  • Use any suction source (suction pump, vacuum truck, etc.)
  • Easily transported by two people
  • Integral boom attachment points, removable trash screen.

All skimmers are custom designed and built, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.